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No Cracking . . . No Popping Option of pain relieving chiropractic adjustments

Dr. Burr applies physics to his adjusting so that he doesn't have to put as much force on your body to realign your spine, which in turn removes pressure from your nerves, muscles and joints.  He combines the simple physics of "the quicker something moves, the less force that is needed" to his techniques. This gives him the advantage when it comes to effectively adjusting someone without the traditional popping and cracking sound that is commonly associated with being adjusted. Not only does this give him the advantage but it sets Dr. Burr apart from the majority of the chiropractors. 
How does it work?
The patented and FDA Registered state of the art device provides a precise controlled force to allow the body to respond.  It uses extreme speed (about 100 X faster than manual) so the treatment can occur faster than the body can tighten up.  The law of physics being used is "FORCE =MASS X ACCELERATION".  The controlled force allows comfort and the specific frequency allows the joints, muscles and nerves respond for fast and lasting results.  
As a side benefit, the 12-14 thrust per second (Hertz) enables the patient to receive a significant amount of mechanorecptor input that targets the brains neuro-afferent threshold allowing the targeted help to the patient.
Dr. Burr not only offers "manual" adjusting (traditional chiropractic), but also offers more techniques that in most cases is at least as effective with the same powerful benefits. These "modern techniques" get away from the traditional "popping" and "cracking' that you hear when being worked on.  These techniques make being adjusted much more relaxing for many and it gets away from the patient tensing or cringing just before the doctor makes his adjustment. 
Whether you just prefer not having the popping & cracking or if you are a high risk, post/pre surgical, and/or osteoporotic person, you will be relieved to know there is another way to get feeling your best.  Get your lifestyle 231-421-3333.

Just as LASERS have replaced scalpels in some surgeries, this advanced technology is available here in Traverse City for chiropractic "instrument adjusting".
Our whole goal is to help you heal faster & better allowing you to get back to your desired lifestyle.

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