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Unique Services

Decompression Therapy-
State of the art technology used to get relief for the toughest low back & neck pain sufferers.
It has been proven successful for disc conditions, stenosis, sciatica, facet arthritis and more.
It's a non-surgical,
feel good high tech computerized machine.
We are one of only a few in the area offering this
FDA Cleared equipment.
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Dr. Burr provides a unique diagnosis and treatment system for soft tissue injuries of new and old. 
Many professional athletic teams are using these services for treatment of stubborn conditions of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to get or keep their athletes at their peak performance
pain free.
Now you can get the same treatment the pros do right here in T.C.

ArthroStim Adjusting Instrument-
For many people and many conditions, the precise ArthroStim Instrument is a blessing, because they get the same powerful benefits as traditional chiropractic care without the "popping & cracking" associated commonly with the chiropractic therapy.

Chiropractic Care-
Dr. Burr's 20 plus years of experience allows for a comfortable treatment for relief of joint, soft tissue and nerve conditions.
His 1000's of patients look forward to their treatment.
Dr. Burr provides a non-rushed visit that usually includes some massage, home recommendations and other recommendations for optimum results.

Don't Delay...Call Now !

 Our how to
weight loss program has an outstanding success rate.
Dr. Burr Uses a unique approach that is sure to help you get to your target weight.
It has been shown that losing just 20 pounds of excess fat along with postural changes, you can take 418 pounds of pressure off your low back.
So looking and feeling good again can lead be a blessing also to your joint health.
If you are even considering a weight loss goal, don't start until you see how this can change your life forever. 
The bottom line is

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Which ever your area of interest is, you can be assured that you are making the right decision by scheduling your private conference with the doctor to find out the fastest and best way to get your life back full of energy, vitality and health.

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