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Weight Loss with Dr. Burr who was VOTED #1 / BEST CHIROPRACTIC Office 2014 AGAIN by the Record Eagle's Readers Choice Awards!

Got Stubborn Belly Fat
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How to lose weight even if you're STRESSED, TIRED, LAZY & LOST YOUR MOJO!

No Drugs - No Surgery - No Gimmicks !

Get all your questions answered with your FREE CONSULTATION and find out the truth about losing stubborn belly fat.  You can also attend an upcoming FREE SEMINAR to learn more details.

It is obvious that what America is doing is not working.  If all the supposed weight loss programs, books and magic pills were working, obesity wouldn't be on the rise.  Of course the scary part isn't even "being fat",  but it's the underlying health problems associated with the "symptom" of being over weight.
Heart Disease    Diabetes     Arthritis    Back Problems     Knee Problems      Organ/Gland Malfunction    Etc

For most people that find it difficult to lose those unwanted pounds, they are fighting a BROKEN METABOLISM where the body is not functioning at its best.  Our goal is to provide you the most easy, most effective and the healthiest way to get rid of that dangerous belly fat by helping you accomplish your goals by getting your body functioning better.  WHEN YOUR BODY IS FUNCTIONING AT ITS BEST, IT IS MUCH EASIER TO LOSE THE WEIGHT!

Dr. Burr's extensive research into helping his patients get to their target weight was initially motivated by peoples challenges with back pain.  A study he likes to quote is " losing just 20 excess pounds along with some minor postural changes, a person can take 418 lbs of pressure off their low back ".  He is also very motivated to help guide people in making the right choices for weight loss because there are so many crazy and unhealthy strategies that people are promoting ... are just wrong.

The personalized program explodes many common weight loss myths while simplifying the basic principles of fat burning.  You'll discover the reasons other diets have failed you.  FYI ... Did you know much of your fat burning occurs at night  and  all six fat burning hormones can be nullified by one common mistake?  

Our goal is to help you work smarter not work harder.  If you want to feel better, lose weight, increase your energy, fit into your cloths again, feel healthy, gain self confidence or just want to once and for all find something you can easily follow, stick to, live with and enjoy, you owe to yourself and your body to schedule a FREE DOCTOR CONFERENCE to see if this a good match for you.

Most people believe if they just eat a little less and exercise more they would lose their unwanted pounds.  Well, if it was that easy, you would have already done it and you wouldn't be reading this.  We only help people that need help with stubborn fat.
Calories are insignificant compared to fat burning hormones?  
Can you name six fat burning hormones and three fat making hormones?
You have to be healthy to lose weight!
What if my hormone blood tests are normal?
Incorrect exercise prevents fat burning!
How does the liver play a role in fat burning?
How do I get rid if water retention and edema?
What causes digestive bloating and how does that relate to my weight loss?

We can go on and on, but the bottom line is if you are serious about losing weight, we will serious about helping you reach your goals the healthiest and fastest way possible!

If you are ready to lose weight, but still want to know more...
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You have nothing to lose but those unwanted pounds!

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